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Welcome to the “About Me” page of the site, I know this is the “done” thing on most websites so I figured I’d better put one together myself to give you a little more insight into who I am and why I created this website in the first place.

My name is Aaron Walker and I’ve been an amateur astronomy fan most of my life and this is thanks, in no small part, to the influences of my father. Dad was one of those guys who was fascinated with the stars, our galaxy and the Universe beyond, and he’d been like that since he was a young boy himself. I remember hearing from my older sister about him literally bouncing around our living room when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon and he was hoping he’d live to see the day man created the first lunar and Martian colonies. Unfortunately the Mars Direct initiative never went ahead and my father passed away before we even returned to our own moon.

So it was thanks to dad that I spent my first few hours staring through our wobbly refractor telescope at a full moon. I’ll never forget the feeling of seeing our closest celestial neighbor up-close and personal for the first time…it was almost eerie. “That’s another planet out there”, I remember thinking.

Years went by and my interest in astronomy came and went until my younger brother expressed an interest in learning more about our solar system, so I unpacked our wobbly old refractor to take my turn introducing him to the cosmos. It’s funny how he had the same reaction I’d had when I was younger – the sense of awe of looking at another “world”. What struck me straight away was how poor our telescope was and how it limited our viewing experience.

This set me on the path to getting serious about the whole idea of astronomy, finding out more about the different types of telescopes you can buy and then actually investing in one myself. All of this research lead to my friends asking me questions about the topic too and in the end instead of constantly trying to email and Facebook people with answers I just set this site up instead – killing several birds with one stone.

You see I’ve learned an awful lot about amateur astronomy over the last few years and even though I still class myself as a rank amateur I know that being able to find a site like this when I was becoming a born-again astronomer would have been very useful. Finding unbiased reviews of the telescopes on offer from companies like Celestron, Orion and Meade would have allowed me to make some better purchasing decisions than I actually did, but hey you live and you learn right?

Hopefully you’ll enjoy all the information I’ve shared with you here and that all of the featured telescope reviews come in handy. I love getting feedback from my readers/visitors so don’t be shy about getting in touch with me!

Happy browsing,
Aaron Walker

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