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Jul 08

Duracell Powerpack 600: The Essential Emergency Power Source for Your Telescope

Duracell Powerpack 600

Duracell as a brand name don’t need any introduction simply because they’re a household name when it comes to batteries of all kinds. The other reason why Duracell is such an easily recognizable brand name is because the company history dates back to the 1920s when the original founders of the company, Sam Ruben and …

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Apr 12

The Celestron Power Tank: The Perfect Portable Power Pack for Your Telescope

Celestron Power Tank

If you’re reading this review we know that you’re already interested in astronomy so you know who Celestron are. What you might not know is that Celestron were originally known as Valor Electronics, and they produced a lot of electronic components for the US military in the 1950s. In a weird twist of fate Tom …

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