Apr 12

The Celestron Power Tank: The Perfect Portable Power Pack for Your Telescope

If you’re reading this review we know that you’re already interested in astronomy so you know who Celestron are. What you might not know is that Celestron were originally known as Valor Electronics, and they produced a lot of electronic components for the US military in the 1950s. In a weird twist of fate Tom Johnson, CEO of Valor, decided to build a telescope for his sons as a treat and by the late 1950s it was obvious that the future of Valor lay in designing telescopes for amateur astronomers instead. Obviously “Valor” doesn’t really scream astronomy at you so the company was rebranded to Celestron in the early 1960s.

Although you already know that Celestron manufacture a pretty impressive range of telescopes you might not have noticed they also manufacture a range of astronomy accessories too. The Celestron accessory we’re going to take a look at today is the Celestron Power Tank – their external battery pack for computerized telescopes.

Celestron Power Tank

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Celestron Branded

There are lots of other external power packs on the market so why should you even consider one made by Celestron? Well the main reason is that it’s a portable power pack designed for use with computerized telescopes by the same people who probably made your telescope in the first place. You see most of the other portable power packs you’ll find for sale will be designed to be multipurpose in their function – everything from jumping a car to cooking food in case of an emergency. With this portable power pack you get a power source designed specifically for use with computerized telescopes.

Goodbye Batteries

Have you ever been in the middle of tracking a deep-sky object only to have the batteries in your telescope die? Of course then you realize that you have no replacements, and no way to get any, so that means your evening or night of stargazing has come to an end. The only word that comes to mind for this experience is “Grrrrrrrrrrr!!” The Celestron Power Tank is simply an essential item for any one of you who owns a computerized Celestron or Meade telescope.

Red LED Light

A really nice touch on this portable power supply that it features a red LED light so you can get all the light you need outdoors without messing up your night vision as a result. If you’ve spent a few hours allowing your eyesight adjust to the dark of night there’s almost nothing worse than having a flashlight pointed at you and not being able to see anything properly thorough the scope again for 30 minutes or so.


The Celestron power tank’s 12v power supply has a built-in circuit breaker which will trip if there’s any risk of a power spike which could damage you or any of your astronomy equipment. Having this feature on this portable power pack just gives you some additional peace of mind while you’re using it.

Multiple Power Outlets

This Celestron power tank provides you with a variety of ways to power all your gadgets and accessories. You have 3, 6 and 9-volt outputs for the smaller accessories you use and then you also have 2 x 12-volt power outputs included too. You can also rely on this power tank to provide you with power for several hours, which is a pleasant change to having to change your set of rechargeable batteries every 2-hours or so.

Color Choices

This rechargeable power pack comes in a black finish with red buttons, plus it has a red LED light for use at night.


This portable power pack from Celestron measures in at 12-inches x 10-inches x 6-inches and weighs just 8 pounds, which is good news considering that it’s designed to make your astronomy hobby more portable. It also features a carry handle which will make lugging it around that bit easier for you too.


  • It has the advantage of being designed by Celestron so it has all the features an astronomer would want or need
  • The red LED lamp is a really nice touch, saving your night vision as result
  • You have as many external power outputs as you could ever reasonably need
  • The 7-amp hour design means you can enjoy hours of stargazing on one single charge
  • A circuit breaker means that this portable power pack is safe to use in almost any situation


Verdict of the Celestron Power Tank

If you use a Celestron computerized telescope and you’re sick and tired of having to change batteries when you don’t want to, then investing a few bucks in the Celestron Power Tank is an absolute no-brainer from our point of view folks.

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