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The Many Reasons Why Owning A Telescope Makes Sense

Is owning a telescope something you really need to do, or are they just an expensive toy that nobody in your family will ever use? To answer that question properly it will depend on what type of telescope you plan on buying in the first place. If, for example, you’re planning on spending $50 on a telescope then you’re just setting yourself up for tons of frustration and disappointment because that cheap scope is never going to live up to your expectations.

If on the other hand you’re planning on spending more than $300 on a telescope then there are plenty of benefits to owning a brand-name telescope. In fact we’re pretty sure there are benefits to owning a telescope that you’d never ever considered, but we’re going to help you along in that thought process by laying out the main reasons why we think telescopes are such a smart investment for you and your family.

The Many Reasons Why Owning A Telescope Makes SenseEducational

In a time when students are achieving far lower scores in almost all areas of science it’s getting more and more important for your kids to understand some of the basic scientific principles at the earliest possible age. Teaching them all about our solar system by helping them use a telescope is a great way to do that, and you’re also getting to spend some quality time with your kids too – the kind of time they’ll never forget. By opening your child’s mind up to the fact that we’re just one small planet of trillions you are also helping to open their minds in other ways too.


People shopping for telescopes only ever frame their use in terms of night time stargazing, completely forgetting that several types of telescopes can also be used during the day. In fact two of the most common types of telescope – refractors and compounds – can be used during daylight for looking at distant mountains or just gazing off into the distance and just checking random things out. Compound telescopes are usually a better choice for mixed daytime and nighttime viewing, refracting models tend to be too clunky when compared to them. Obviously you would never, ever, ever use any telescope to look at the sun during the day – or at least not without the correct type of filter and even then this can be risky at the best of times.

Healthy Hobby

If you look at how many hours per week you wind up staring at reality TV shows, YouTube videos and channel after channel of doom and gloom media reports you’ll figure out pretty quickly that a life spent watching TV isn’t any kind of a life at all. It’s been called the “boob tube” for a long time now but scientific studies are showing that watching television can actually reduce your IQ and even affect specific brainwave patterns.

There was a time in our not too distant history when humans thirsted for knowledge and we literally couldn’t get enough of it. Getting involved in amateur astronomy by owning a telescope gives you a perfect way to make your mind more active in the best possible way. You’ll wind up teaching yourself more than you could ever imagine about the vast universe that we’re just a tiny part of and this is then something you can share with other likeminded people in your area, and your kids too of course.

Get Famous

Yes you can actually become an internationally recognized personality by simply owning a telescope and spending some time gazing up at the planets, stars and other celestial objects. You won’t need to enter any kind of contest to gain your fame either. Did you know that the vast majority of major celestial discoveries since the dawn of astronomy have been made by amateurs? Some perfect recent examples of this are the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comets which impacted Jupiter in 1994 and of course the Hale-Bopp comet which put on an amazing lightshow for planet Earth in 1997 – both of these comets were discovered by independent astronomers.

So for your own name to go down in the pages of history all you need to do is discover a comet, asteroid or other celestial object that nobody else has ever noticed before.

You don’t think that’s possible?

All you need to do is take a quick look up with your naked eye on a night where there’s very little light pollution and realize that for all the trillions of objects we already know about there are as many more yet to be discovered. Just don’t go finding any comets on a collision course with Earth if you can help it…and if you do then make sure we all get plenty of warning!


These are just our own personal favorite reasons for owning a telescope but we’re pretty sure you can think of as many more on your own.

Basically there are way more reasons for owning a telescope than for not owning one.

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